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The Hassan family

The history of the Hassan family business dates back to its founding father. Roger Hassan arrived in France towards the end of the 1950s. With a passion for art, he opened his first gallery in Paris in the 1960s. He was soon noticed by the Gramercy gallery in New York, one of the most prestigious American art galleries. For over fifteen years, the eponymous antique dealer took him under his wing and gave him the responsibility of purchasing works from all over Europe for the gallery.

In 1982, Roger Hassan opened more galleries at Le Louvre des Antiquaires, in the heart of Paris. His sons, Éric and William (graduates from the École Boulle in Paris), were introduced into the business by their father, joining him as soon as he opened the gallery. They began their journey as associates and supervised the development and growth of the gallery, concentrating their efforts on an area close to their hearts and in which they had expertise: prestigious French statues, objects and furniture created during the second half of the 19th century.

The gallery built up a very distinguished international clientele, particularly from the Asian market, and including the Thai royal family, while also supplying antiques to Japanese museums and foundations.

Today, Éric and William run their own galleries, which they opened in 2010. Éric Hassan works on the development of the client base and is responsible for research and purchases. William Hassan manages another important part of the organisation, the restoration of the works of art and the logistics of the galleries.

For the last two years, a third generation of Hassans has been learning the ropes of the family business: Dylan Hassan announced himself as a worthy successor to his father Eric and his uncle William, following in the footsteps of his grandfather.

The Gallery

After 30 years of hard work and dedication growing the family business, Eric and William left it behind and in 2010 they joined forces to found their own business. Their galleries are enriched with statuary, furniture and objects from the French 19th century, with high-end and museum pieces.

Now ever bigger and well-established, the Hassan brothers continue to make a name for themselves and exert their influence on the art world. Their clientele continues to grow worldwide. Chinese and Russian customers now make up the majority of their clients. Businessmen, museums, institutions and foundations all recognise the hard work, influence and excellence of the Hassan brothers.

As specialists in 19th century ornamental statuary (1850-1910) and museum furniture, the two brothers offer objects worthy of display at Parisian museums, such as the Musée d’Orsay. Always looking to expand their collection, Éric and William acquired many works presented at the Expositions Universelles, which took place between 1867 and 1900, in particular Baccarat’s creations and crystal works.

They continue to focus mainly on the Asian and Russian markets, opening several galleries in Paris and establishing a representative in the Chinese capital, Beijing. The most prestigious gallery is located at 100 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in the 8th arrondissement (place Beauveau, close to the Elysée Palace).

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