JANSEN Jean-Henri


Maison Jansen has had an outstanding reputation from the moment Jansen established his business in 1880. Jean-Henri Jansen was born in the Netherlands, where he began a career in a decorating and architecture practice before opening his own company. In 1885, he moved his company to the fashionable area of 9, rue Royale. He was awarded a Silver Medal at both the 1883 Amsterdam Exhibition and the Paris 1889 Exposition Universelle. Jansen’s commissions included pieces for William III of the Netherlands, Alfonso XII of Spain, President John F. Kennedy and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The employees of Maison Jansen were just as impressive as the patronage, including the renowned Stéphane Boudin and Pierre Delbée, two of the most influential tastemakers of the 20th century. Due to the popularity of Jansen’s style, branches of the company were launched worldwide, including offices in New York, Milan, London, Rome and Alexandria. It is internationally observed that Maison Jansen isone of the most renowned interior decorating firm of the 20th century; it is further interesting to note that Jansen were clients of François Linke.

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