Sormani PAUL


SORMANI Paul, born in Canzo, lambardo venitian kingdom, on the 25 of October 1817. He married on the 30th of January 1847 with Ursule-Marie-Philipppine Bouvaist, daughter of a copper founder. The 7th of January 1858 Joseph-Antoine SORMANI, maybe his brother, signed him power of attorney to manage. First of all, specialized in the fabrication of necessities and small fancy furniture, situated 7 cimetière Saint-Nicolas in 1847, then 114, rue du Temple in 1854 the house took on a important extension and he started to make Louis XV and Louis XVI style furniture. All that he produced is of excellent quality.
In 1867, the business is transferred to 10, rue de Charlot, and its starting from then on that it becomes of great importance. SORMANI produced till his death, in 1877. His wife and his son continued to produce. He took part of the 1849 exhibition, where he obtained a bronze medal, then at the 1855 universal exhibition, where he was attributed a first-class medal, and at the one in London in 1862, where he received a second medal and at the 1867 universal exhibition.


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