Winckelsen Charles-Guillaume


Winckelsen had his workshops at 23, Val-Sainte-Catherine in 1854. By 1860, he had moved to 21, rue Saint-Louis in the Marais, and in 1867, he relocated his promises to 49, rue de Turenne. His production varied from furniture to decorative works of art, specializing in particular in the Louis XVI style to a very high quality standard. He had a distinguished clientele, including Lafitte, Behague, the Marquis de Lillers and the Prince Radziwill. Jean-Louis Benjamin Gros was his main furniture maker, and Joseph-Nicolas Langlois his bronze chaser.
Following Winckelsen’s death in 1871, Henri Dasson purchased on July 27 the workshop and stock from Winckelsen’s widow for 140.000 French francs.


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