Henry Cahieux, head of decorators for Ferdinand Barbedienne, manufacturer of artistic bronzes, he was promised a brilliant career, as evidenced by his works sent to the various Salons of 1850 and 1853. Most of the pieces were made in the Greek style. , very fashionable at that time.
The great art critic Victor Champier, “The artists of industry” published in the Revue des arts décoratifs Dec. 1888, echoes the genius of creation of Henri Cahieux: “Barbedienne, had just lost in 1854 this boy full of future, died in the prime of his life, and whose works imbued with a tasty grace, announced in him a master ”.
At a Paris World’s Fair in 1855, his lamps which appeared as his last testimony, won a medal of honor at the Barbedienne stand.



His Works

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