This important goldsmith’s house, still active today, and already famous at the end of the XIX th century, employed about 1600 workers at this time.
In 1893, the company had its head office at 56, rue Bondy in Paris.
Specialized in goldsmith, electroplate, enamels, damascened work, this firm also realizes smelting in bronze, silver, etc…
André Narjoux, at the International Exhibition of Turin concludes:
« The Christofle House does not only make goldsmith, but also perfect smelting (…) Figures in bronze for the statuary, ornaments for edifices, goldsmith pieces; all those pieces are all wonders. »
A lot of smelting pieces were used for the fabrication of candelabra, center-pieces, statuettes or as bases for cups.
By the end of the 19th century, the Christofle House employed excellent chasers such as: Dalbergue, Alfred Courtois, Douy, Fannière, Demberg, Poux, Honoré, Meisner, Buhot, Revillon, Van Bangé, Ruiton, Planson…


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