David Haviland makes Limoges the cradle of limitless art, the porcelain capital of the world. He began to write the history of the Haviland family, a name synonymous with the art of French luxury that continues to this day.
A merchant, David Haviland established an importing company for earthenware and porcelain in 1838 in New York.
In 1842, he was fascinated by white gold from Limousin, he crossed the Atlantic to found his own factory. Limoges porcelain takes an irreversible development and David Haviland is acclaimed by the whole world for his innovative eye. He won awards in 1853 in New York, a gold medal at the Crystal Palace Exhibition, and then the French government saluted his talent, awarding him a silver medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1855.

David Haviland has set himself the goal of always pushing back the limits of know-how, by perfecting decoration techniques, by inventing illuminating (hand painting technique), or by equipping himself with revolutionary machines (import of the first porcelain ovens that can hold up to 2000 plates).
In 1864, Haviland became the most important French porcelain factory. Certain Royal families and heads of state around the world have succumbed to the charm and prestige of this Limoges porcelain. Among them we find the wife of Napoleon III: Empress Eugenie, President Jacques Chirac, Prince Rainier of Monaco, as well as Presidents Roosevelt and Lincoln, to name but a few.
The Maison Haviland has participated for more than 175 years in French excellence by sublimating the most beautiful tables of the greatest palaces in the world such as the Ritz Paris, The Dorchester in London, The Shangri-la Hotel Paris.

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