Manufactory of Samson founded in 1845 at Saint-Maur, by Edme Samson.
Specialized in porcelain, for lights, mounted or not, imitations of Sevres, Chinese and Japanese paintings, various objects. Established in 1851 38, rue de Saintonge. In 1852, the Edme Samson and his workshop moved to 25, rue de Vendome and will be known as: « Workshop of paintings on porcelain and bronze editor, clocks, candelabra, round or oval jardinières, pedestal tables, porcelains and bronzes and rosewood ». He already works for exportation.
In 1856, he entered in the Annuaire, under the title: « manufacture, shop, workshop of painting and gilding on porcelain mounted in bronze ».
At this period, Samson decorated the whites that he would buy at Clauss, rue of the Pierre-Levée and at the manufactory of Sevres. In 1858, Edme associated with Paul Bergkam. They became one of the best porcelain dealers. Their second workshop was situated 32, rue Paradis-Poissonnière. The association finished in 1861 when Samson joined for a time the « Levy and Samson » house situated 25, rue de Vendome.
The firm developed and employed more than 125 people at the end of the 19th century.

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