Founded by Mr and Me Siot-Decauville; in 1860, this factory is directed by Edmond Siot-Decauville (1841-1908). His showroom is 24, boulevard des Italiens while his foundry is 10, rue Villehardoin. The addresses will still the same until 1920. Founder, editor of bronze and tin, the factory works with Gerome, Gardet, Meissonnier, Valton, Larche, etc… In 1890, edition of Ratapoil by Daumier in 20 exemplars, and in 1893, the Emigrants, in 5 exemplars, by the same author. After 1920, the house Siot-Decauville is situated 63, avenue Victor-Emmanuelle III where we sell statuettes and cire-perdue bronzes of different art objects.

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