Henri Lévy


Henri Lévy, known as Henri Michel-Lévy, born July 11, 1844 in Passy and died September 17, 1914 in Paris, is a French impressionist painter.
Henri is the third in a family of four boys. He is the son of Michel Lévy and Thérèse Emerique, a family of Lorraine origin. Henri’s father was a trader, but the family also lived on pensions from the father and mother, as Henri would probably do later.

A pupil of Félix Barrias 1822-1907 and Antoine Vollon, Henri Lévy changed his name to Henri “Michel-Lévy” by appending his father’s first name to his surname to avoid confusion with other namesakes.

Henri Michel-Lévy frequented the circle of impressionists in particular Edgar Degas, Édouard Manet and Eugène Boudin. In 1885 he signed a portrait of Auguste Guerbois, owner of the Café Guerbois where the painters of the time met.
He exhibited regularly at the salon between 1868 and 1914.

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