LEBROC Jean-Baptiste


Born in Paris, rue Saint-Denis, passage Aubert, in the Bonne-Nouvelle district, on November 9 th 1825.
Son of Jean-Baptiste Lebroc, chaser and Françoise Gobard. He studied in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He began at the Salon of 1844 and exhibited until 1879. During his career and badly advised by his father, he executed a large number of figurines imitating the works of Clodion, and inspired by Carpeaux, pastiches that over-confident amateurs have often taken for originals. He died in Paris in 1879.

His works presented:

– The giant Enceladus struck down by Jupiter – Salon of 1844.
– Adam and Eve expelled from Earthly Paradise after sin – Salon of 1846 under the N ° 2196.
– Aristotle. Plaster bust commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior – Salon of 1848.
– Rachel and Joseph in the desert – Salon of 1861 under the N ° 3437.
– L’Amour leads Folie – Salon of 1863 under the N°2431.
– A Bacchante, Marble bust. Salon of 1864 under the N ° 2670.
– Bacchantes and Satyr, marble group. Salon of 1875 under the N° 3202.


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