Auguste Moreau


Third son of the statuary and painter Jean-Baptiste Moreau, he learnt the art of sculpture with his brother Mathurin. From 1861 to 1913, he regularly exhibits at the Salon. His style can be compared to his brothers’: realistic, gracious, and in majority scene of life, pastorals, allegories…
His major works: Pandora (1863), The Message (1880), The Charming, bust (1882), The Source (1901). Also, some little groups and marbles such as: The Kiss (1880), The Spring (1881), The Big Sister (1907), Child in flowers (1912). Finally, we have to mention figures in plaster: The farewells (1882), Alert (1885), The kiss of the wave (1906).
A lot of his subjects were edited in bronze, such as Love triumphing, Apollo, The Breeze, Cinderella, Young Girl with an umbrella, Little Girl with a bird, The Return of the swallows…


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