Ugo Cipriani


Born in 1887 in Florence to a family with 9 children, Ugo CIPRIANI entered l’Académie des Beaux-Arts de Florence later for his studies. His father, Adolfo CIPRIANI was a reputable sculptor in Florence.

Ugo joined the Art Déco movement in the 20s. He worked particularly on marble, alabaster, bronze and terracotta. His exceptional work, bust of Guglielmo OBERDAN, has been installed in the square of Guglielmo OBERDAN in Florence for us to appreciate since 1919.

In 1935, in order to escape the fascist rule, he immigrated to France as political refugee.
Here he continued to create until his passing in 1960, under the pseudonyms URIANO and MENNEVILLE. He left a great amount of works, including Chryselephantine (bronze and ivory). Today we discover again his important works thanks to census done by his daughter Lydia CIPRIANI.

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