Athena by Mathurin Moreau

Moreau Mathurin

Exceptional sculpture in bronze with brown patina representing the goddess Athena in ceremonial dress, wearing her armour and helmet. Standing and leaning on a saddle.
An ancient Greek goddess, she plays an important role in Greek mythology. She is also known as “Pallas Athena”, goddess of wisdom, military strategy and craftsmen.

Athena rests on a rectangular terrace with a cut-out and a cartouche in the centre. The sculpture stands on a large rectangular column in original turquoise marble.

French work circa 1880.
Signed on the terrace: Moreau (Mathurin).



Height of sculpture: 100 cm – Width: 51 cm – Depth: 33 cm
Column: Height: 93 cm – Length: 60 cm – Depth: 36 cm
Total height: 193 cm

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