Bacchante and putto by Albert Carrier-Belleuse

Carrier-Belleuse Albert

A large group in white Carrara marble, depicting a young bacchante and putto. She is half-naked and draped in a fleece, sitting in a dynamic posture holding an amphora in her hand. Her hair is adorned with vine leaves and garlands of grapes. The putto standing beside her and hands her a cup. The figures are depicted on a naturalistic rocky base decorated with a tambourine.
The composition refers to Bacchus, with elements that reinforce the theme of drunkenness and celebration associated with the god of wine in mythology.

French work from the second half of the 19th century, circa 1880.
Signed on the terrace: A. Carrier-Belleuse.
Condition: perfect.



Height: 78 cm – Width: 42 cm – Depth: 32 cm

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