• Importante unique coupe en aragonite et porphyre

Exquisite unique cup in aragonite and porphyry

Exquisite pivoting cup called “snakes” in embellished aragonite, “imperial” purple porphyry, black and white porphyry from Sinai and very finely engraved and gilded bronze. Circular shaped, with a moulded body and decorated with threaded patterns or channels, on which handles are attached, simulating the form of double intertwined snakes with finely traced scales and whose heads come to rest on the upper circumference of the tazza. The sculpted piedouche is enlivened by smooth torus and ogee.

The cup is supported by a high three-part architectural base formed by a moulded cylinder and embellished with applique motifs with sets of putti in the style of François Flamand. A block of porphyry is carved into an octagon with offset pilasters centred on mascarons with the head of Bacchus and supported by the base with two contrasting leonine legs. A moulded plinth with recesses in smooth panels supports the entire composition.

Neoclassical work from northern Europe from the last quarter of the 19th century.



Height: 65 cm – Diameter: 53 cm

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