• La Renomée et Mercure chevauchant Pégase
  • Louvre Museum
  • Tuileries Garden

Pheme and Mercury riding Pegasus

Important group in green patina bronze representing the two mythological characters, Mercury and Pheme, riding a winged Pegasus.
After the original model by Antoine Coyvox 1760.
Pheme and Mercury both riding Pegasus is a symbol of the King’s glory, they show his peaceful and warlike aspect, his victories being illustrated by the trophies of arms trodden by Pegasus’ hooves.

– Mercury, the Roman god of commerce and messenger of the gods, depicted with great elegance. He wears a winged helmet on his head called the petasus, draped over his left shoulder, and fins on his feet. He carries the caduceus in his right hand. He is treading on war trophies, quivers, breastplates and shields, one of which is decorated with an allegory carved on the shield representing the accession of Louis XIV’s grandson, the Duke of Anjou, to the Spanish throne. 

– Pheme is represented as the winged goddess of victory. Messenger of Jupiter with a hundred voices, blowing the trumpet (that of Truth), crowned with laurels, holding an olive branch, she proclaims the king’s victories.
At her feet, the trophies, breastplate with lion’s skin, helmets, quivers and shield decorated with a Victory.

The details of both sculptures are exceptional, with great attention to detail.

French work from the second half of the 19th century, circa 1870.



Dimensions: Height: 61 cm – Length: 44 cm – Depth: 18 cm

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