• Génie triomphant par Horace Daillion
  • photo Sculpteur Horace Daillion
  • Horace Daillion

Triumphant genius by Horace Daillion

Very large bronze sculpture with light brown patina representing a half-naked man with outstretched wings symbolising triumphant genius. Standing on a cloud, he holds out an olive branch with his left arm.
Square counter-terrace with moulded plinth in red griotte marble.

French work circa 1905-1910.
Signed H. Daillion.
Le Triomphe was exhibited at the Fine Arts Salon and, due to its success, was published in two sizes; our sculpture is a rare example of the larger size. Daillion studied with Dumont and Millet and began exhibiting at the Salon in 1876 before moving on to the French Artists’ Salon. There he won the Salon prize in 1885 and gold medals at the Universal Exhibitions of 1889 and 1900. He was awarded the Medal of Honour in 1924, and again at the end of his life, at the 1937 International Exhibition, notably in Chicago in the USA. He took part in the design of various monuments in major cities.



Height: 132 cm

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