Baccarat Manufacture


House founded in 1760 by Lord Bishop of Metz, and agreed by Louis XV as a glass manufactory, producing exclusively glass. First crystal production in 1816. Baccarat had his own workshops of bronze, chiselers, and bronze fitters. Baccarat participated to a lot of Salons, Great Exhibitions (1867, 1878, 1900…) and Industrial Exhibitions in the US. The manufactory received a lot of rewards.
In 1831, they associated with Saint-Louis and a group of seven crystal retailers, in order to create a monopole of manufactory and crystal selling in France. As far back as 1833, the Baccarat manufactory employed more
than 700 workers. Famous all around the world, the Baccarat Manufactory is still in activity nowadays.
In 1964, we celebrated the bicentenary of Baccarat with a retrospective of its creations at the pavilion Marsan, Louvre.

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