Maker of bronzes, cabinetmaker born in 1825, residing at 106, rue du Vieille-du-Temple, on the 27th of July 1871, he bought the business of Charles WINCKELSEN from his widow, for the amount of 140 000 F.
More specifically maker of bronzes he made a great amount of copies of 18th century royal furniture as well as some new creations, but based very closely on antique models. Moreover, he made many copies of the famous Louis XV bureau.
Thanks to the reports of the Universal exhibitions, we can judge of his reputation.

In 1878, judging by Louis Gonse, newcomer in the industrial career of Henri which rapidly grew due to the perfection of his works. A very high position to which we warmly applaud. He exposed a Louis XV table, all in bronze, acquired by Lord Duley, an engraving masterpiece, and a copy of the bureau of Louis XV, acquired by Lady Ashburton: doesn’t it equal the original by its delicacy and the finishing details of the work.

In 1889, his universal credit defied all concurrence. He presented an outstanding exhibition in which Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI styles flourished again with splendour. For this occasion, he received a grand artistic price. He ceased to work in 1894 and an auction took place in October. He died in 1896 and was buried at the ‘Père-Lachaise cemetery’where one can admire his bust surmounting his grave made by Dallier.


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